Saturday, December 17, 2016

Manhattan: Phone in Your Paid Parking

Manhattan has always been a nightmare when it comes to parking.  But once you finally do find a spot, how much more annoying is it that you realize you don’t have the cash needed to pay for it?

That is about to change.  The Department of Transportation just announced that in the not-too-distant future, people will be able to pay for parking from their phones. The new program will be available for all streets from 14th to 59th and will also extend from Manhattan’s west to east side.  It is hoped that it will eventually be extended to the city beyond that area.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Moving to Midtown Manhattan

There has been a recent upsurge in companies and organizations moving to the midtown Manhattan area.  One of them is Heartbeat – a healthcare marketing agency that moved earlier this month from neighboring TriBeCa following the company’s rapid expansion.  Its new offices are on the 5th floor on One Penn Plaza.  Since its inception 6 years ago, the company’s account roster and revenue has “more than tripled,” with the staff increasing by over 150%. With its new offices in midtown Manhattan, Heartbeat will be privy to a much larger floorplan corresponding to its growth.  As company founder and CEO, Billy Drummy said: “our new New York HQ provides us better facilities to support our current and future business.”

Also on the move is Major League Baseball.  Its new midtown Manhattan home will be at the 48 story Rockefeller Center tower, floors four through nine, bringing together Brookfield Property Partners LP's 245 Park Ave., and 75 Ninth Ave., part of Jamestown LP's Chelsea Market. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Manhattan Museum: Preserving NY History

The recent opening of the Nan A. Rothschild Research Center by the Landmarks Preservation commission marks the first ever municipal archive that is exclusively focused on an archaeological collection of a city. 

Much of the history of New York – that until now has been buried quite deep – has now been cataloged and digitized.  This includes a “cone-shaped mold used in sugar refining to an oversize oyster, a 7,000-year-old spear tip to a 19th-century Transferware teapot and a bone from a passenger pigeon.”

Many of these archived objects are fantastic ways of learning about the history and uncover so much more than the actual original object, such as a glass seal which identified a wine bottle that was waiting its refilling at a local tavern. There are currently 1,500 boxes of artifacts that come from 31 sites excavated throughout the five boroughs, including: Stadt Huys (that was New York’s first major historical dig built to assist William Kieft so that he didn’t have to entertain guests at his home). It was Nan A. Rothschild herself, a Barnard College Anthropology Professor Emeritus and Columbia University faculty member who excavated that.  Hence the repository was named to honor the contributions she had made to the field.

As well, the archives have been contributed to by the Fund for the City of New York, the Iron Mountain and the Museum of the City of New York.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Check Out The Hidden Gem of Midtown

For a true hidden gem in n midtown Manhattan, smack in the middle of the East 59th Street skyscrapers, you will find an amazing six-story literary oasis. Although in business for more than nine decades, too many people don’t’ know about this store that is operated by three sisters in their 70s.  it was their father – who passed away in 1991 – who set it up. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Manhattan Transportation News

Manhattaners may soon be the latest beneficiaries of ferry travel. The DOT is currently assessing the possibility of running a ferry service from Staten Island to midtown Manhattan, a concept the commissioner supports.  According to James Oddo, Borough President, it is seen as “an effective way for New York commuters to keep off the roads,” since water travel is deemed more “expedient.”

And talking of greener transportation for Manhattaners, together with Amsterdam and Copenhagen, Manhattan was recently cited for its “exemplariness of [its] cycling provision.” And of course on a Manhattan campus, there are now the Green Apple Bikes which are not only great for the environment but also for one’s wallet.  Offering free transportation, the 9 Green Apple Bike racks dotted around Manhattan each have 6 bikes for anyone to use for up to four hours.  Students are loving how this is facilitating their travel around campus.

Manhattaners should also ensure they are driving well as bad driving habits are now going to be called in question thanks to Nexar. It is building “an air traffic control system” for driving. Since its dashccam app launch last years, phones with it installed have “captured, analyzed, and recorded over 5 million miles of driving in San Francisco, New York, and Tel Aviv.”  Its algorithms have profiled the driving behavior of over 7 million cars, including 30%+ of Manhattan cars.

All these examples above are indicative of the efforts being made to improve transportation in Manhattan.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jollibee Takes Manhattan

Craving a pineapple burger or sweet spaghetti?  If you’re in Manhattan this fall you’re in luck since Jollibee – the maker of such foods – is opening up an eater near the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  While they have two franchises currently in the New York region, this will be the first one in Manhattan.

And if it’s as popular as its Queens location which created lines when it first opened back in 2009, Jollibee will be selling Chickenjoys in Manhattan for many years to come.  And of course for the Filipinos (15% of those who are living in New York are in Manhattan) it is bound to be successful since they already claim it is a “taste of home.”

Then there are also the New Jersey Filipinos, many of whom commute for work in New York.  They will most likely enjoy the tastes of Jollibee too.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Academy of Art University Critic Feinstein on Display in Kentucky

Academy of Art University San Francisco
Lee Feinstein, an independent critic for painting students at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, will be showing her own most recent works at the Ruth Baggett Gallery in Paducah, Kentucky.

The show, entitled, “No Dawdling,” opens on June 18 and will run until July 31.

Feinstein’s work is mostly with Tyvek. The material resembles Japanese rice paper, but it is actually a high-density polyethylene industrial material. Feinstein applies several processes to Tyvek, including painting, folding, dyeing, crimping and crumpling, creating workable sculptures which remind the viewer of fashion, architecture, or other Japanese-style d├ęcor.
“My studio was a godsend–north light in a white space, with crumbling ceilings all around. It was the perfect place to render my own version of clarity in the midst of chaos,” said Feinstein. “Paducah and the arts community were a goldmine for me. Warm and welcoming, deep into their own work…we had good art talks.”
Feinstein departed temporarily from her work as critic at the Academy of Art University and began her month long creating spree on May 1st at the Paducah Arts Alliance. The “No Dawdling” title comes from the great American avant-garde composer and artist John Cage. “It was my mantra in Paducah,” said Feinstein. “Jump in. Don’t think too much. Don’t judge, just work. Accept what comes in the creative process, the gifts of accident. The wrong turns and dead ends. The side steps. Lots of side steps."

Sunday, June 12, 2016

History of Empire State Building

Where did the name Empire State Building originate?  When was it built?  How large is it?  In this video, these questions on the skyscraper that can be found at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street are discussed. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rent a Grandma

Three days ago much of America marked Mother’s Day in some shape or form.  There are 84.5 million mothers in America, and it has been estimated that a staggering 84.4 percent of these in America will in some way be marking the day.

But what of those whose moms live far away and want to celebrate Mother’s Day with a mom?  There is so much opportunity in New York.  As Thomas Wolfe once said: “In New York the opportunities for learning, and acquiring a culture that shall not come out of the ruins, but belong to life, are probably greater than anywhere else in the world.” 

But what if your mother – or/and your child’s grandma – is far away and you can’t celebrate the day in style, or the way in which you are accustomed?  New Yorkers can now order one.  Manhattan office workers can now book a visit and hug from a ‘Granny on demand,’ just in time for Mother’s Day.  Thanks to the company in midtown Manhattan – KeepTree – a “replacement” can be borrowed for Mother’s Day.  According to GM of the firm, Brody Ehrlich, the idea was developed as they “wanted to try to find people in New York who are separated from their mothers for Mother’s Day and ... give them a chance to have a replacement.”

One can choose from four grannies: worrier, talker, forgetter and tech-savvy insta grandma!  To satisfy all their clients’ demands, KeepTree is recruiting their grannies via Craigslist and thereafter interviewing potential grannies with a trial hug.  Hugs cannot be too loose/short/tight or long.

For those whose moms are in the hood for the special day, why not treat them to a cruise?  Think about how lucky you are that your mom is close by and take her on a sightseeing cruise down the Hudson on a glass-enclosed Bateaux where she can enjoy sophisticated dining and view the Manhattan skyline.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Midtown Burgers

There have always been a variety of burger options in the midtown area.  They come, they go, they stay; they open, they close, they relaunch, etc., etc.  Here, we take a look at what’s new in that world, and what burger lovers in the midtown area can expect to enjoy in the near future.

First off we have Andrew Zurica opening a burger stand at the UrbanSpace food hall.  There, hungry burger-seekers will be able to enjoy “griddle-smashed burgers and bacon-wrapped hot dogs.”  Until now these have only been sold from a truck, at a very inconvenient location.  It might not be the top quality meat but the added cheese and swaddle style that creates a melt-in-the-mouth sensation with its super soft white-floured bun, is quite the culinary delight.

For something a little fancier, there is a fantastic burger option at House Man Restaurant.  It has been deliciously described as follows:

“It involves two thin, crisp-edged patties with a faint line of pink running through each center, fused together with melted swiss cheese and a sweet, delicious black mass of deeply caramelized onion and mushroom. This is all contained in a Martin’s potato roll, the ideal vehicle for a burger because while it’s pleasingly squishy, it knows how to hold itself together under the duress of dripping cheese and beef juice.”

So that’s a good start.  Midtowners certainly won’t go hungry with a lack of burger options.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4 Great Ways to Adjust to a Nursing Home

Moving to a nursing home facility in New York, or anywhere else for that matter, is a big adjustment. Most of us want to feel independent and to enjoy the lives that we already have. But the move can be seen through quite a positive lens if the people around you have a positive attitude and a few creative ideas up their sleeves. Here are some ways that love ones can make the transition easier for the person moving.

          * Books on tape: Many people start to lose their eye sight as they get older. One great idea is to rent books on tape for your older relative. This allows them to continue reading, assuming this is something they enjoy. It also has another added benefit. If they are moving alone, it allows for another voice to be heard during quiet times in their new apartment. This can really help them to feel like they aren’t alone all the time.

      * Take your loved one to the barber shop or boutique as soon as they move in. Schedule a regular visit for them (if they are female, of course) to get their hair done each week. If they have a manicurist on the grounds, schedule this as well. Having your hair done and taking care of yourself can really boost your energy level and make you feel better.

      * Check out the social activities at the center, like the Dry Harbor Nursing Home, and see what’s on tap each week. Do they have a bridge club where your relative can play cards? Do they have lectures each day or jewelry making workshops? Help the person to familiarize themselves with the weekly activities and get them involved immediately so that they won’t feel isolated.

         *  See, as well, if they have an on-the-town program. Many assisted living facilities and nursing homes have programs where they take residence to the mall or to shopping in a van. These can also really help the resident to feel like he can get out and about at times.

These ideas should all help with a smoother transition to the nursing home facility like Dry Harbor Nursing Home. While every transition has its difficulties, there are ways to make the transition more successful and smoother for the resident.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Midtown: The Mesmeric Metropolis

Midtown has been proven to be one of New York City’s “most pedestrian-friendly areas.”  It comprises a variety of types of developments, which render it a great place for today’s millennials to live their lives.  As well as the working day, there are numerous nighttime entertainment options as well.

There is a slew of brunch options to choose from and each weekend, there are almost too many options for social hopping.  From pubs to sports, dancing to seafood and karaoke, everyone can find something to do.

As well, Midtown Park sits right on top of a 6-acre tract of land.  Ultimately this is going to be filled with properties and a public parking garage but there will still be plenty of lawn left to host around 3,000 people at Midtown Park events.

And then of course, when you think Midtown, you have to take advantage of the art and culture there.  Between the museums, galleries theaters and more, you pretty much can’t even say Midtown without saying culture.  Take in a class at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center or if you are more of a spectator culturist, go for the latest Houston Center for Contemporary Art’s exhibition.

There really is something for everyone.  And it just keeps getting better.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Activities in Midtown

The East River Ferry is always a great activity to enjoy in midtown Manhattan.  New Yorkers and tourists alike will be able to appreciate this boat ride as there is so much to see!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Midtown Manhattan’s Dining Goes Upscale

At least that is the plan…for the Port Authority Bus Terminal in the new year.  for so long the terminal has had a reputation of being one of the most unpleasant places to have to be around but now there are serious talks about the creation of an upscale new food court there.

According to the Board of Directors at the port, a consensus has been reached with the OHM Concession Group that will allow for a 5,943 square foot area to be renovated into this food court.  Jamba Juice will be moving and the lease for Deli Plus’ will not be renewed after the end of January 2016.  In their steads will be a Magnolia Bakery and a gourmet food market, along with a full-service Apple Store.   In addition, there will be more public rest rooms.

It is also anticipated that within the year, Wi-Fi will be installed.