Sunday, July 27, 2014

Xand Meets Manhattan

Xand is opening a new sales office in the heart of midtown Manhattan.  The firm – a principal provider of cloud, managed services, colocation and disaster recovery – is hoping to meet a growing need for its services in the New York area.  According to Yatish Mishra, company CEO and President, the firm has encountered “unrelenting demand for our portfolio of managed IT infrastructure services from clients based in New York City. Our strategy of operating data center facilities safely away from coastal flood plains and urban threats zones has proven to be incredibly attractive to clients in Tier I markets like New York. The establishment of a dedicated sales office in the heart of New York City allows our company to better serve this burgeoning market by increasing access and convenience while also introducing more options to New York-based firms.”

This won’t be Xand’s first presence in New York.  The company already has six data center facilities throughout the Northeast. One of these is the newly-expanded center located in Hawnthorne.  It also has data centers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.