Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rent a Grandma

Three days ago much of America marked Mother’s Day in some shape or form.  There are 84.5 million mothers in America, and it has been estimated that a staggering 84.4 percent of these in America will in some way be marking the day.

But what of those whose moms live far away and want to celebrate Mother’s Day with a mom?  There is so much opportunity in New York.  As Thomas Wolfe once said: “In New York the opportunities for learning, and acquiring a culture that shall not come out of the ruins, but belong to life, are probably greater than anywhere else in the world.” 

But what if your mother – or/and your child’s grandma – is far away and you can’t celebrate the day in style, or the way in which you are accustomed?  New Yorkers can now order one.  Manhattan office workers can now book a visit and hug from a ‘Granny on demand,’ just in time for Mother’s Day.  Thanks to the company in midtown Manhattan – KeepTree – a “replacement” can be borrowed for Mother’s Day.  According to GM of the firm, Brody Ehrlich, the idea was developed as they “wanted to try to find people in New York who are separated from their mothers for Mother’s Day and ... give them a chance to have a replacement.”

One can choose from four grannies: worrier, talker, forgetter and tech-savvy insta grandma!  To satisfy all their clients’ demands, KeepTree is recruiting their grannies via Craigslist and thereafter interviewing potential grannies with a trial hug.  Hugs cannot be too loose/short/tight or long.

For those whose moms are in the hood for the special day, why not treat them to a cruise?  Think about how lucky you are that your mom is close by and take her on a sightseeing cruise down the Hudson on a glass-enclosed Bateaux where she can enjoy sophisticated dining and view the Manhattan skyline.