Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bloomberg Plans Midtown Makeover

Michael Bloomberg has made significant changes to the New York skyline during his terms as mayor, and now he hopes to renovate the face of Midtown East.
Mike Slattery, a vice president of the Real Estate Board of New York, supports the mayor’s plan. Indicating a brown brick building on the corner of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue, he said:

“These are not the kind of buildings that are desirable today.” He pointed across the street and explained: “This is one of the few buildings that have been built in the last 15 years in the district.”

Said building is glass, and twice as tall as the structure across the street. According to Slattery, the
newer building is environmentally efficient, while the high ceilings and open floor space are more modern and high end. Corporate tenants will accept no less, he explained.

The newer building “competes with Tokyo, Shanghai and London. That’s what’s at stake here: New York’s preeminence as a commercial capital,” he said.

Bloomberg’s intended facelift would add five million square feet of office space and generate $100 million in extra tax revenue per year.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Four Ways to Conserve Energy This Summer

While many New Yorkers expect their bills to rise with the temperature, the summer heat can actually be harnessed to minimize spending. Local companies like IDT Energy offer services and tips to help families keep their energy costs at a minimum.

Here are four ways to conserve energy without compromising comfort during the summer months:

·         Be responsible with your air conditioning. For example, turn it off at night and leave the windows open. In the morning, close the shades to preserve the cool air and keep the sun out.

·         Cook outside, when possible. Stoves and ovens generate large amounts of excess heat, forcing your air conditioner to work overtime. Try using the microwave or toaster oven, or cooking on an outdoor barbecue grill.

·         Air-dry your laundry. The sun and hot summer air are free replacements for your dryer, so hang your clothes up to dry if possible. If not, dry your clothes only partially in the dryer, then let them air dry.

·         Maintain your air conditioner filters. Though simple, this is often neglected, resulting in additional running time and extra strain on the system. By regularly replacing the filters, you ensure total efficiency and minimize cooling costs.