Saturday, February 24, 2018

Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show

For Manhattan dog lovers, the recent Best in Show competition would have been a true delight. Hosted by the Westminster Kennel Club on Monday 12th February, thousands of dogs were competing to win the 142nd annual show. Dating back to 1877, the Westminster Dog Show is one of the world’s most famous parades attracting close to 3,000 dogs spanning from throughout America as well as 16 other countries around the world. The judging is categorized into seven groups: hound, toy, nonsporting, herding, working, sporting and terrier. Winners of each group then go on to group competitions later on in the evening. The winner this year was a Bichon Frise named Flynn. Handler Bill McFadden said of the win: "It feels a little unreal. I came in expecting nothing except hoping for a good performance, and I think I got it." Having said that, this was the 6 year old’s 42nd career best in show.