Saturday, June 18, 2016

Academy of Art University Critic Feinstein on Display in Kentucky

Academy of Art University San Francisco
Lee Feinstein, an independent critic for painting students at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, will be showing her own most recent works at the Ruth Baggett Gallery in Paducah, Kentucky.

The show, entitled, “No Dawdling,” opens on June 18 and will run until July 31.

Feinstein’s work is mostly with Tyvek. The material resembles Japanese rice paper, but it is actually a high-density polyethylene industrial material. Feinstein applies several processes to Tyvek, including painting, folding, dyeing, crimping and crumpling, creating workable sculptures which remind the viewer of fashion, architecture, or other Japanese-style d├ęcor.
“My studio was a godsend–north light in a white space, with crumbling ceilings all around. It was the perfect place to render my own version of clarity in the midst of chaos,” said Feinstein. “Paducah and the arts community were a goldmine for me. Warm and welcoming, deep into their own work…we had good art talks.”
Feinstein departed temporarily from her work as critic at the Academy of Art University and began her month long creating spree on May 1st at the Paducah Arts Alliance. The “No Dawdling” title comes from the great American avant-garde composer and artist John Cage. “It was my mantra in Paducah,” said Feinstein. “Jump in. Don’t think too much. Don’t judge, just work. Accept what comes in the creative process, the gifts of accident. The wrong turns and dead ends. The side steps. Lots of side steps."

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