Friday, August 12, 2016

Manhattan Transportation News

Manhattaners may soon be the latest beneficiaries of ferry travel. The DOT is currently assessing the possibility of running a ferry service from Staten Island to midtown Manhattan, a concept the commissioner supports.  According to James Oddo, Borough President, it is seen as “an effective way for New York commuters to keep off the roads,” since water travel is deemed more “expedient.”

And talking of greener transportation for Manhattaners, together with Amsterdam and Copenhagen, Manhattan was recently cited for its “exemplariness of [its] cycling provision.” And of course on a Manhattan campus, there are now the Green Apple Bikes which are not only great for the environment but also for one’s wallet.  Offering free transportation, the 9 Green Apple Bike racks dotted around Manhattan each have 6 bikes for anyone to use for up to four hours.  Students are loving how this is facilitating their travel around campus.

Manhattaners should also ensure they are driving well as bad driving habits are now going to be called in question thanks to Nexar. It is building “an air traffic control system” for driving. Since its dashccam app launch last years, phones with it installed have “captured, analyzed, and recorded over 5 million miles of driving in San Francisco, New York, and Tel Aviv.”  Its algorithms have profiled the driving behavior of over 7 million cars, including 30%+ of Manhattan cars.

All these examples above are indicative of the efforts being made to improve transportation in Manhattan.

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