Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4 Great Ways to Adjust to a Nursing Home

Moving to a nursing home facility in New York, or anywhere else for that matter, is a big adjustment. Most of us want to feel independent and to enjoy the lives that we already have. But the move can be seen through quite a positive lens if the people around you have a positive attitude and a few creative ideas up their sleeves. Here are some ways that love ones can make the transition easier for the person moving.

          * Books on tape: Many people start to lose their eye sight as they get older. One great idea is to rent books on tape for your older relative. This allows them to continue reading, assuming this is something they enjoy. It also has another added benefit. If they are moving alone, it allows for another voice to be heard during quiet times in their new apartment. This can really help them to feel like they aren’t alone all the time.

      * Take your loved one to the barber shop or boutique as soon as they move in. Schedule a regular visit for them (if they are female, of course) to get their hair done each week. If they have a manicurist on the grounds, schedule this as well. Having your hair done and taking care of yourself can really boost your energy level and make you feel better.

      * Check out the social activities at the center, like the Dry Harbor Nursing Home, and see what’s on tap each week. Do they have a bridge club where your relative can play cards? Do they have lectures each day or jewelry making workshops? Help the person to familiarize themselves with the weekly activities and get them involved immediately so that they won’t feel isolated.

         *  See, as well, if they have an on-the-town program. Many assisted living facilities and nursing homes have programs where they take residence to the mall or to shopping in a van. These can also really help the resident to feel like he can get out and about at times.

These ideas should all help with a smoother transition to the nursing home facility like Dry Harbor Nursing Home. While every transition has its difficulties, there are ways to make the transition more successful and smoother for the resident.

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