Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Union Square Ventures: Hiring Tactics


It seems like the traditional job-hunting method of sending a resume to apply for a job may soon become passé. These days in New York, up-and-coming companies are more interested in your presence in social media.  Union Square Ventures asked potential employees to show their “web presence” such as their Twitter account or Tumblr blog and to also send in a video of themselves talking about why they would be appropriate for the job.  It is doing this because it believes this method will generate higher quality candidates since the company itself has a strong Internet-social media presence.

Indeed, according to an associate at the company, Christina Cacioppo, you don’t get much depth from a resume anyway.  She herself has blogged about the company’s hiring process on its website and got the job herself having developed a profile with Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to show her social-media savviness and suitability for the job.  Using this method to hire people really could be the way to working out more about them, what they like and how they think.  An employer also needs to get a sense of how well matched the candidate will be socially, vis-à-vis the other employees as well as the corporate thinking.  This is an especially inventive way of narrowing down the increasing amount of people applying for jobs due to current high levels of unemployment.

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  1. This makes a lot of sense, especially since Union Square Ventures is primarily investing in high-technology companies...