Friday, September 23, 2011

Greenacre Park for Paradise

For those seeking out a little pad of paradise in a crazy afternoon in midtown Manhattan, go look for the Greenacre Park, located at 217 E 51st Street.  You need to look for it, because one reviewer who had been living right across the road, took six months to locate it.  And therein lies its charm.  No photographs or high noise levels are permitted; it is just meant for the serene spot it is.  One cannot imagine that such a spot of tranquil paradise could be found smack bang in the middle of mad Manhattan.  But lo and behold, it can.

If you’re looking for some fresh, healthy, organic fare, check out the green hornet drink at Jack’s Coffee.  Awesome sandwiches and wholesome food, this fits in with the gentle sensation you’ll get while reading a book by one of the park’s incredible waterfalls.  Don’t worry about getting interrupted – noise is not permitted and dogs, Frisbees and sunbathers are all shunned.  This is meant to be Zen and you’ll be quickly informed if you’re not following the rules.

Clearly this park gets back to basics in so many ways.  This is what parks were intended for although these days so many of them are so far away from such tranquility.  But here, you’ll get exactly what you came for.

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