Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is It “Good Enough to Eat”?

When you’re looking for a great place to fill the vacuum in your stomach, go down Amsterdam Av at 83rd Street and check out Carrie Levin’s eatery.  Aptly called ‘Good Enough to Eat,’ in the 1980s, Levin took her desire and talents to create “good, old-fashioned American food,” to the next level.  The result was – and still is – “Good Enough to Eat.”  It began with serving wholesome breakfasts all day long, but later on moved on to soups, sandwiches, Meatloaf dinners and more.  This ultimately led to her reputation as “one of the first Chef's in NYC to create and celebrate ‘traditional’ American cuisine.”

Global Recognition

These days ‘Good Enough to Eat’ is so much more than a restaurant for Upper West Siders.  Indeed, it has earned a reputation around the world and is flooded with tourists looking for a taste of good old-fashioned American cuisine.  Sitting alongside the Upper West Side ‘regulars,’ customers consume mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, vanilla ice-cream and more, ensuring they leave the United States of America having really sampled its cuisine.

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