Friday, September 30, 2011

EZ Studios Hosts NY Fashion Week

As the leaves on the trees began to change color and the fall season started, New York Fashion Week came to midtown Manhattan at EZ Studios.  At 7pm on September 9, media and guests took delight in the privilege of viewing the arrival of celebrities at the AKOO Clothing fashion show which was thereafter described as the “most alluring event of the evening.”

There were tons of people waiting to catch a glimpse of AKOO Clothing’s debut.  Nuttin’ But Stringz was the surprise guest, opening the show with “a spectacular performance to set the mood for the rest of the night.”  Livestream streamed the event and Hosea Chanchez hosted it.  Other celebrity attendees included: Ramses Barden and Victor Cruz (of New York Giant’s); Matt Nordgren (Bravo’s Most Elegible Dallas); Meeka Claxton (VH1’s Basketball Wives), and more.

A great time was truly had by all.  As AKOO Clothing Marketing Director Jeff Belizaire said, “this show was a labor of love for everyone involved. We’re overwhelmed with pride to have organized such a major production during New York Fashion Week. We also feel honored by the crowd’s responses and outpouring of support. We have definitely achieved all of our brand objectives while setting the bar extremely high for the next New York Fashion Week.”

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