Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New York Religious Awakenings

The city that never sleeps could also be described as the city that always philosophizes.  At least, there are certainly a whole slew of opportunities for those who enjoy talks on different subjects who find themselves in the Big Apple.

For New Yorkers seeking to explore their Jewish routes, the Jewish Center provides “advanced educational initiatives, offering engaging and relevant courses on a wide variety of Jewish topics.” Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the goal of the center is to “make the study of Torah and the pursuit of wisdom accessible to our members and the broader Jewish community.”

Rabbi Tully Bryks is another address for Jewish soul searchers in New York.  He can be reached online at all times with any questions on life, the world and the universe. The self-described “Rabbi With Answers,” Bryks’ focus is on a whole slew of philosophical subjects ranging from faith in God to finding one’s soul-mate. Bryks is also available to come to you to give a talk on your chosen subject related to religion.

For New York Christians – or just New Yorkers who want to get more involved in establishing a Christian presence, in their lives – New York’s Crenshaw Christian Center established more than a decade ago by Dr. Frederick K. C. Price offers training programs, baby dedications, classes for children, study sessions for adults and more.

Wannabe Buddhists can check out the city’s Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America, Inc. that offers daily Buddhist devotions, documentaries, celebrations and more.   For those specifically seeking happiness through Buddhism, Happy Science was established “to create utopia on Earth – to save all humankind through the worldwide dissemination of the universal Truth as taught by El Cantare, the Lord of all Gods.”

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