Monday, January 30, 2012

Midtown Manhattan Feeds America’s Hungry

As well as being a successful business entrepreneur, Tim Bergling and Arash Pournouri are hoping to feed those with less than adequate resources. The two are currently in New York as part of their House for Hunger Tour which ultimately aims to raise $1m for Feeding America. They are performing at Midtown Manhattan’s Lavo Nightclub.

It has always been a priority for Bergling to combine philanthropy with his talents.  Pournouri felt the same.  He said that the two of them had often been approached throughout their career to do charitable events, but never complied as he was never confident he knew exactly where all the money would end up.

While they will be doing this first for America, the hope is that they will go around the world as well, having come to the realization that hunger is so much more than just confined to a third world issue.

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