Thursday, November 10, 2011

New York Historical Society

This week will witness the reopening of the New York Historical Society.  It has undergone a huge renovation, costing approximately $65m.  For those interested in learning about the history of New York dating back from pre-colonial times until the Occupy Wall Street movement, this is now a great educational, informative venue to visit. 

The renovation has been somewhat challenging in various realms.  On the one hand, there is a desire to maintain the museum’s historic feel, but on the other hand, we are living in the high-tech 21st century world and thus those coming to the museum are accustomed to learning through technology.  The museum successfully reflects this.

As well as the hi-tech feel on the inside, the actual aesthetics of the place have changed, with a new entrance and lobby on Central Park West, as well as an Italian eatery that was not there prior to the renovation.  In addition, New York’s largest movie screen can be found at the museum (at 75 feet).  A children’s history museum has been added too.

Planning Ahead

In an effort to give people a sense of history as time goes by, there is also work on explaining the Occupy Wall Street protests, as in later years, this will be history too.  Researchers have thus been spending time at Zuccotti Park to observe and record these events. 

All the changes being made at the museum point to its main criteria – to give New Yorkers who love New York a real sense of the city.  History, present and future, this museum will have it all.

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