Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pera Mediterranean Brasserie Goes Downtown

Pera Mediterranean Brasserie is to open another restaurant at 54 Thompson and the corner of Broome Street next month.  The original restaurant that has been open for five years, serves an Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.  The new eatery will be 3,000-square foot that will be able to seat more than 100 visitors and will overlook a 2,000-square foot garden.  It is hoped that it will open during spring next year.  The menu will have some similarities to the original restaurant but will also take some of its inspiration from its neighborhood’s electric vibe.  Turkish chef Metin Calisir and American chef Nathan Crouser will be overseeing all the food preparations that will be Eastern Mediterranean style with some New York City additions.

The new restaurant will be designed by DYAMI Architects with a lot of input from the restaurant’s owner Burak Karacam who did a lot of the design in the original restaurant.  There  has been thought of developing another restaurant for a while, but the owner felt very strongly about its location and attributes, so needed to find the right space before moving forward to this place.

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