Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midtown: Dangerous for Walkers?


For those who enjoy walking in the streets of Midtown New York, they might just have to reconsider their hobby.  According to a recent study, the streets of Midtown have been ranked as the city’s most dangerous.  Indeed, just looking at the figures for the last few decades, it is quite evident.  According to Transportation Alternatives, an advocate group, between 1995 to 2009, over 8,000 motor-vehicle accidents that involved pedestrians occurred in this neighborhood.

Manhattan:  Perilous for Pedestrians?

In general though, Manhattan seems to be somewhat of a perilous place for pedestrians.    Every single neighborhood in the area had at least 2,000 accidents that involved pedestrians during these years.  This is pretty crazy given the fact that in the Bronx neighborhoods, the figure was 788 and Staten Island, a mere 653.  Clearly therefore, Manhattan – and especially Midtown – is not the best place for walkers.

The other issue is financial.  According to Transportation Alternatives, the price for traffic incidents is more than $4billion a year on the city’s tab.



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