Friday, February 17, 2017

Beijing Arrives in Manhattan

Thanks to the work of entrepreneur Brian Goldberg, midtown Manhattaners can now get jianbings locally. A rolled crepe (common to Beijing street food), a permanent kiosk has replaced Goldberg’s popups to sell these food items as Goldberg  had recently recalled them seeing that New Yorkers were starting to make them.

While he may have been raised New York (growing up in Spring Valley), he definitely has the culture, having later become a Chinese scholar.  His eclectic experience had him train to become a professional luge racer and thereafter work in the finance industry.  Then in Hong Kong, he ran a few eateries.

The thought behind these local jianbings was Golderg’s idea to create something “that would be interesting and make people happy,” which is his ultimate goal in “making jianbing as mainstream as ramen.”  

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