Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beyler Eyubov and Monday Melodies

by Gareth Simpson
Brooklyn Jazz lovers such as Beyler Eyubov might want to make a trip over to Midtown Manhattan in the near future for some dining entertainment with a difference.

It seems that some top quality Midtown eateries have been thinking outside the box.  One example has been the addition of melodious Monday nights.  For example, the Lounge at the Wayfarer recently began hosting live jazz nights in their upstairs area on Monday nights from 7 30 to 10 30 p.m.  This features – on alternate weeks – Andromeda Torre and the Wayfarers and Julia Hatigan and the Wayfarers.

In addition to the jazz customers can now enjoy on Monday nights, there is of course the quality restaurant’s delectable menu.  For those from midtown Manhattan (or Brooklyners like Eyubov making the trip for the music) who don’t know already, there is a both a lounge bar menu with cocktails and finger foods and then a full dining menu in the dining room for those who want to make a night out of it.

But the restaurant should not get too excited about potential success; there is competition.  Just round the corner, located at 8 West 58th Street – Beautique – has also just started its Monday jazz nights.  And for those looking to spot some talent at the same time, that might be the place to go, given that the eatery has had some sightings of celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix and Kevin Spacey.

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