Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Midtown Manhattan Comes to Florida

When it comes to high-end buildings, the nation is full of them.  But for those looking for a piece of Manhattan in the sunshine state, that’s not so common.  Thanks to Vladimir Doronin, chairman of Moscow’s Capital Group, that is about to become possible.

Together with Miami developer Ugo Colombo of CMC Group Inc., Doronin is in the final stages of negotiations to develop the extremely high end Brickell Flatiron.  The Flatiron name is most often connected to the iconic Flatiron building located in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue and Broadway.  Likewise it has a triangular shape, akin to the clothing flatirons that used to be heated on stoves.  And hence the name – flat iron.

The project will comprise 552 units and 40,000 square feet of retail development, including restaurant, lounge, rooftop swimming pool, gym, spa, outdoor lap pool and shop space.  Each unit will measure approximately 1,250 sq.ft.

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