Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dr. Harvey Finkelstein on How New Yorkers Deal with Back Pain

Lower back pain is a major complaint of young adults throughout the world.  Particularly in America though, a substantial amount of cases are reported annually.  Indeed, according to RC Lawrence of the National Arthritis Data Workgroup, data from the national survey showed that every year, around 15 percent of adults report “frequent back pain or pain lasting more than two weeks.”

There are a variety of methodologies employed to try to tackle this issue. Some individuals, such as Dr. Harvey Finkelstein, take a holistic approach to treating these symptoms.  Together with his staff, Finkelstein looks at his patients as “individuals,” and tries to figure out what will be the most effective treatment method for each one.

While over the years researchers have struggled to find a reason why lower back pain is so widespread, little has been conclusive. Thus, while no definitive solution is available at this time, it is important for pain specialists to look at each case individually – in a holistic manner – such as Finkelstein and his staff do.

What pain management experts have concluded however, is that there are a variety of known causes of back pain.  This includes: repetitive stress, chronic illness, pinched nerves and workplace-related injuries.  Today, there are a whole slew of safe and effective therapies that can really alleviate back pain, enabling the patient to resume their day-to-day activities in a most normal way as possible.

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