Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Show NYC Takes Off at the Park Avenue Armory

The Spring Show NYC is underway and collectors, art enthusiasts and tourists are flocking to the 67th Street Armory to experience rare and magnificent art. The show features exhibits from dealers from all over the world, showcasing exquisite collections and antiques ranging from 5000 BC to the 19th century.
In a string of private interviews, Gail Shields-Miller explored the exhibits of three of the most prestigious dealers in the show. She discussed each one in her design blog.

At Carlton Hobbs, “the emphasis is on unique, rare and collectible. Every piece has a special story about it and comes with an impeccable provenance.” She explained that Carlton Hobbs “occupies a rarefied strata in the antiques business, and primarily seeks out furniture and art which belonged originally to royal families and aristocrats or famous architects of that period in history.”

Next, Miller visited the Lillian Nassau exhibit, which features Tiffany Studio pieces such as lamps, windows, glass, desk accessories and pottery.
“You can also find European ceramics,” Miller wrote. “There was a fabulous collection of vases that caught my eye… and metal work by such luminaries as Albert Paley. The list goes on with several pieces of studio furniture from such notable as George Nakashima, Phil Powell, Wendell Castle and Paul Evans.”

Last, Miller met with Hicham Aboutaam of Phoenix AncientArt. The antiquities dealer manages a collection of rare, precious items from 5000 BC to 14 AD.

Miller wrote, “Collecting and selling antiquities is not only a business but is a manner in which the world learns about past civilizations. The particular selection at Phoenix Ancient Art includes objects from civilizations that lived in Europe, the Near East, Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Balkans, Eurasia as well as from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras in history.”

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