Friday, December 21, 2012

Smart Screens Come to Manhattan

Manhattan’s Union Square is getting ready to incorporate new smart screens in to its phone booths. These real-time display gadgets will provide information on local services, current events, entertainment listings and community information.

The project, called City24/7 is named after the media and content company that created it. The new technology in Manhattan is a collaboration between City24/7 and several other private-public partnerships including New York’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group and LG Electronic USA.

The city plans to install 250 screens. 10 have already been put into place at payphones in Manhattan.  The technology, aimed at helping visitors and residents navigate the city's goings-on, offers several language options and numerous features for the disabled. Measuring 32-inches, the screens will also have access to mobile apps, as well as the ability to transfer content to mobile and internet platforms.

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