Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Building The Mall at Oyster Bay

Community leaders and other organizers are getting out the word that building a shopping mall in Oyster Bay, Long Island will bring great benefit to the community in Nassau County. And this would be just at the moment when it is needed most.

It is expected that building the mall will create as many as 3,000 construction jobs and an additional 2,000 permanent jobs.  New tax revenues will be generated, estimated to be about $50 million, a great boost to county and municipal budgets. Centrally located on a reclaimed industrial site and the only shopping center with immediate access to the Long Island Expressway, it seems clear that this mall will add significantly to the general economy of Nassau County.

When the mall at Oyster Bay is completed it will be the first such major shopping mall constructed on Long Island in over 40 years.
“By any criteria or economic metric, this is a project of strategic regional significance,” said Gary Lewi, a spokesman for the mall’s developer. The mall at Oyster Bay “is a shovel-ready, privately financed project with no need for any taxpayer funding.”

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