Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Yorkers Flock to Midtown Manhattan for Columbus Day Parade

Thousands of Midtown residents and visitors flocked to Fifth Avenue this week to watch and participate in the 68th Columbus Day Parade. The event, which celebrates Italian-American culture, runs from Fifth Avenue and 44th Street to 72nd Street.

Spectators, officials and police officers all donned red, white and green, while the music of bagpipes and marching bands set the upbeat mood.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out before the Manhattan parade, advising all New Yorkers to admire the conceptual art installation that surrounds a 13-foot statues of the explorer with a living room. A popular attraction in NY, the ‘Discovering Columbus’ exhibit was created by Tatzu Nishi, a Japanese artist.

Bloomberg said: “It’s the only time in your life you’ll be able to get close to it.”

The parade was filled with New Yorkers with Italian heritage. Rosie Leone, 23, said: “My parents are from Italy. So, it’s a celebration of our heritage, where we come from.”

Concetta Bologna, 52, feels the same way, adding: “Let’s never forget who made this country what it is today: Christopher Columbus. It’s just a great day for Italian pride.”

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